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Chuck Banas, a noted urbanist and advocate in Buffalo, developed this report as a direct response to calls for renewal of North Union Street by major employers. They need to recruit and retain new employees who could chose to live anywhere. Olean is an outstanding choice but North Union Street fails to provideWalkable Olean Cover that great first impression that's needed to "close the deal".

This report lays out the economic justification for walkability using Hamburg as a role model. Then it develops a vision for Olean's North Union Street including renderings of what could be. Finally, it provides a basic primer in walkability and traffic calming, demonstrating that "complete streets" provide great service for cars, trucks and emergency vehicles while also providing great public space for pedestrians and cyclists.

When cities and villages find this balance, they find prosperity driven by private sector investment.

Hamburg NY Case Study  (1091.63 KB, application/pdf)
Property values up 169%,an 800% increase in building permits and a community transformed. This case study includes photos and quotes that tell the story of Hamburg's renaissance.
A Vision for North Union Street  (1043.45 KB, application/pdf)
Chuck's renderings and rationale that changed the conversation about what could be possible in downtown Olean.
Walkability and Roundabouts  (903.72 KB, application/pdf)
A resource section providing design elements plus safety and acceptance data.
Walkable Olean -- Complete, Low Resolution  (5153.25 KB, application/pdf)
For on-screen reading and a relatively quick download.
Walkable Olean (complete, high-resolution)  (17862.49 KB, application/pdf)
The complete document, suitable for high-quality printing.


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