Dan Burden Walkability Audit and Presentation October 15th, 2012
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Dan Burden is a nationally recognized advocate for walkability, safety and community renewal. He visited Olean to inspire us to envision a better future by sharing examples and success stories. He also taught us the benefits of walkability, best practices in designing for active transportation, and strategies for successful civic engagement and implementation.

Dan helped Hamburg and East Aurora envision their new, walkable, safe and vibrant downtowns. You can learn more about Dan at

Click the links below to see some of the presentation material that Dan provided while in Olean. Notice that one of the presentions features the successful design elements adopted in Hamburg!


Walkability Toolbox  (1277.15 KB, application/pdf)
A great summary of all the design concepts that yield complete streets with functional utility, safety and beauty -- READ THIS FIRST!
Principles of Walkability - Overview  (960.44 KB, application/pdf)
Types of streets and design choices that improve walkability while preserving vehicle utility
Complete Street - Downtown Hamburg  (583.08 KB, application/pdf)
Hamburg New York provides one of the best examples of a successful extreme walkability makeover!
Walkability Drives Commercial Investment  (1115.62 KB, application/pdf)
Progressive rendering of before, interim, after scenarios and photos of successful make-overs
Street Make-over San Diego  (1209.10 KB, application/pdf)
Example of walkable street elements implemented in San Diego
Safety  (515.77 KB, application/pdf)
The highest goal is safety -- for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. These slides show how.
People vs Cars  (1612.97 KB, application/pdf)
Photos of techniques applied, including Hamburg's roundabouts in action
Deterrants  (974.69 KB, application/pdf)
Poor road design or maintenance neglect can stop walkability in its tracks!
Make Your Street Welcoming  (324.94 KB, application/pdf)
Images of streets that attract people and support retail success (and some that don't!)
Convenience and Utility  (660.33 KB, application/pdf)
A Complete Street is a Convenient Street, no matter how busy
Principles of Connectivity  (550.19 KB, application/pdf)
Many new neighborhoods are poorly designed for connectivity, making it impossible to avoid driving.
Making the Case for Walkability  (1507.54 KB, application/pdf)
This presentation was tailored for Arkansas. It is focused on the unintended health consequences of our car-dominated lives.


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