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Complete Streets and Walkable Communities - On Trend Now
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Here's the Wikipedia article covering Complete Streets. And then click this image for a quick video describing how property value in walkable communities is on the rise.

Developers are investing fastest in cities that embrace walkability in their urban planning. Follow the link to Youtube and you’ll find lots of similar presentations – some that drone on for hours! …makes you want to get up and take a walk!

This short video covers the essence of walkable design, helping us understand what we need to change in Olean in order to restore the vibrant, compact city of our fondest memories. 

Finally, and to remind you, the competition is not standing still. Western New York has already lost more residents to Charlotte than any other city. Now Charlotte is taking a lead with complete street implementation.

The video points out that Charlotte is now requiring private developers to design complete streets while the public retrofits older, over-widened streets to include pedestrians, cycles and parking. These mandates and actions are improving property values -- yet another reason why Charlotte attracts so many of our children!


Best Practices
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