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Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB)
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The North Union Complete Street Transformation project includes four Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons installed at the following locations:

  • Between Times Square and Laurens Street
  • At Whitney Avenue
  • At Delaware Avenue
  • At Coleman Street
Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons enhance safety at unsignalized intersections and mid-block pedestrian crossings by increasing driver awareness of potential pedestrian conflicts.  RRFB’s are a recommended crosswalk improvement and have been shown to dramatically improve driver yield rates.

The State and North Union Street signalized intersection previously had an audible pedestrian crossing that provided an audible cue for visually impaired individuals to safely cross the intersection.  Other signalized intersections additionally provided a pedestrian interval that could be understood by most pedestrians.  When the traffic signals were replaced by the roundabouts, concerns were voiced to the Department of Public Works about finding alternative methods to allow visually impaired individuals to cross North Union Street.  Working with Directions in Independent Living, various options were considered to enhance pedestrian safety in the new North Union Street corridor and the RRFB was identified as the optimal solution to improve pedestrian safety for all users on the street.

The RRFB’s are pedestrian actuated amber LED lights that notify drivers when a pedestrian is entering the crosswalk.  These high-intensity warning lights supplement the high visibility pedestrian crossing signs.  When pushed, the RRFB uses an irregular flash pattern that is similar to emergency flashers on police vehicles.  While the lights are flashing, an audible cue is also provided for the user that the lights are flashing.  The length of the flashing light is calculated on the width of the roadway and the average walking speed of most pedestrians.

The four RRFB’s installed on North Union Street are solar powered, and use a wireless connection to communicate to the opposite flasher across the street.

For additional information, please contact the Olean City Public Works Department at 716.376.5651.

Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons


Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons  (455.92 KB, application/pdf)


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